Mentee of the Month - February 2017

Dec 01, 2018

Mentee Highlight of the Month is **drum roll please** Nasima!

Mentee of the Month - Nasima

  1. Reflect on a time where you felt stuck in middle school?
    • “There was a time I had to present a project, I didn’t have self confidence but working with Link Scholars helped me build my confidence.”
  2. What made you join Link Scholars?
    • “Maesha told me about link scholars, she sounded very encouraging and it made me feel like link scholars would really help me in the future.”
  3. What do you anticipate/expect in high school?
    • “In high school I am probably going to be loaded with work, I’m probably going to have to work really hard, I’m usually very shy but i look forward to making new friends in high school.”
  4. One thing you like you like about Link Scholars, and one thing you don’t?
    • “Link scholars helped me set up goals for myself in future and that has a big impact on my life. I don’t dislike anything about Link Scholars because it is perfect and it doesn’t have any flaws.”